Softros LAN Messanger – A New Way to In-House Communication for Corporate Offices

Softros LAN Messanger – A New Way to In-House Communication for Corporate Offices

Are you looking for a solution to inter-connect your office? Are you facing problem to communicate with your sales manager at another distant place via IM? Normally sales office does have good internet connection for video conference but does it have enough speed for maintaining a connection with the head office server continuously? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. The all-new LAN Messenger from Softros holds the key to all you need.

One of the main features of this software is that it does not need to install any server software or, say, the internet. You have to install the software within your network terminal only and you are ready to go. Each user requires registering from his terminal with the desired username and password. Here the chat messages can also be done among group members. Accordingly, LAN chat messages are sent and received in a secure way. So they cannot be intercepted or read by any other software. This secure messaging system is the gift of this technology.

This chat messages also have the utility of saving all the past messages intact. So your past logs are not lost. The LAN Messenger has been tested under different versions of Windows Operating System and under myriad kinds of network sizes.

The usage of the software is simple and user-friendly. It does not require any user privileges, so you do not need any IT staff to install the software. Having a meeting with a few selected members from your staff or even instant messaging can be just one click away from the convenience of your desk.

The following points can be cited as the main features of LAN Messenger from Softros.

1. It does not require a new internet connection to operate. It works on your office existing LAN or intranet connection. So it acts as your very own corporate instant messaging.

2. It does not require special privileges to run the software, so anyone can use this software.

3. User Interface is basic and simple, so users don’t require special training to use the software to chat over LAN.

4. it’s highly productive as group chatting and can be started right away without wasting time.

5. The software provides security over sending and receiving messages via encryption. Also stores the chat logs for future use.

A new way to send LAN messages and transfer files from PC to PC can be a rewarding experience for all and it may be a breakthrough in the field of communication.


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